Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

As a leading online pharmacy, we strongly believe in a healthy relationship with our customers. So, to make this possible, we intensely focus on the convenience of our valued customers and try to provide a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

We understand and value your money and time and always come with great offers and deals. And services to provide you with high-class online shopping and on-time home delivery service.

Here are some guarantees that we offer to our customers

The money-back guarantee

In today’s era, money is the thing that everyone wants to save. However, money cannot buy everything, but it can help in everything. And, in order to protect your hard-earned money, we are offering you a full refund if you are not satisfied with your product as an indication of quality. It is the most common guarantee and has almost become standard practice in retail.

While offering a money-back guarantee may reduce the perceived risks and help you distinguish your products from competitors, there will always be customers who try to take advantage. So, for this reason, a money-back guarantee is usually constrained by a period, generally 7 to 15 days. Sometimes duration may increase.

Whenever you order a product from our online pharmacy and do not get an appropriate delivery, you can take the help return and refund policy. If the delivery is wrong, faulty, or does not belong to you, you can return it in the next 15 days and claim your exchange or refund.

We do not have any hidden terms and conditions on our refund and return services, but make sure while claiming your refund or return, please return the product in the same package you received it. To know more, please read our refund and return policy before you claim to avoid any inconvenience.

Quality guarantee

We promise our customers a lifetime guarantee on our products is a bold statement of confidence. A quality guarantee is usually reserved for pharmaceutical items that make people question whether it is worth investing money in. However, splurging on a good set of lives and a costly backpack is not as daunting when you know they will last forever.

It only showcases that you believe your products and it will not provide any harmful side effects on your body. Offering a money-back guarantee is not the only option, either: you can also provide refills and replacements depending upon your product.

A quality guarantee is not something to be taken lightly and should be used only if you have absolute confidence that your product is really that durable.

Guarantee for Price match

Price is one of the most determining factors influencing the customer’s purchasing decision. In the era of eCommerce, competition is fierce. So, by implementing the lowest price for a product, you can persuade your potential buyers to make an order with you rather than with local stores.

It reassures buyers that they get the best available offers on their products. If they manage to find a better deal elsewhere, companies will often match the new prices and refund the difference.

We offer all the medicines at affordable rates, cheaper than the local street stores. We will match the difference rate if you find the identical drug advertised at a lower print rate or on another retailer’s online site for up to 30 days.

But to claim this price difference, the following terms and conditions apply to our price match guarantee and the advertised price:

  • The prices must be in US dollars and will be adjusted to account for any fees, charges, and taxes such as shipping and environment handling fees.
  • The price must be lower due to misprint or posting errors.
  • The product must be located in the USA and sold and shipped by an authorized dealer or retailer located in the USA.
  • Items must be identical to the ones sold by our online pharmacy, including certification standards, size, color, brand, and model. It must be in stock and available for delivery and sale.

The price match guarantee is limited to one per customer, per day, and item. It does not apply to advertising that states limited quantities, close-outs, bankruptcies, and other similar concepts may be excluded at the discretion of our online pharmacy.

All the same conditions, qualifications, limitations, and conditions of the original offers will apply. We reserve all the rights to confirm that all the conditions have been met and not a price match if any conditions are not verified. Our decision for the price match will be final in all cases.

Thank you for trusting anxietycareonline. Keep shopping for us.